Wednesday, July 30, 2008

One Week Later

It's a week later and physiotherapy is helping - I can nearly make a fist and can now touch all my fingers to my thumb. According to the physiotherapist, although nothing's broken, I've damaged a bone in my hand and a deforming lump is forming just where a pen or paintbrush touches my hand when I use them. His advice is don't use either until laser treatment calms down the area. To alleviate boredom, I have tried a few activities - gentle gardening - no good, I can't bear any weight or do anything productive with this gimpy hand; washing dishes - good, the warm water feels great and my children are very happy about this and are only too happy to contribute glasses and plates to the cause; beading - very good if I don't do anything that requires twisting wire. Usually I don't bead until the fall when the rains start because sunshine makes me want to garden... but let's not talk about my poor garden right now (a gardener needs two strong hands to do a good job).

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