Tuesday, July 08, 2008

Never a dull moment

Ahhhh... the winery show is over and I was pleased to have 10 new works to exhibit there, along with a few older works and some of my beaded glass jewellery creations. The day started out a bit dreary with iffy weather and an hour and a half road closure due to a rather serious car accident at the end of the street (before a single art appreciator could find his/her way to the delightful grounds of the winery). However, the sun eventually shone, the temperature warmed a bit, and people began trickling through the acre or so of artworks. It's very interesting to see the wide variety of works at group shows - there's always something that will appeal to one's taste, no matter how mundane or avant garde. No matter how much or how little I sell, I find I invariably walk away with some intensely helpful information, generally shared by a generous and well established artist or artisan, and that's the truly beneficial part of participating in these events - talking the talk and walking the walk with like-minded folks.

This afternoon, just as I finished putting away all the accoutrements necessary for Sunday's outdoor display, TA-DA! The Eagle landed.

It just fits under the deck, outside my studio door, with only an inch or so to spare above it's upper wing.

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