Thursday, September 22, 2011

Painter's Remorse

Three Women at the Spring, Picasso, 1921 (MoMA, New York)

Several years ago I was inspired by this painting and created my own version, incorporating the colour palette and symbolic elements I often employ in my works:

Three Women at the Spring, After Picasso, 2007 (now lost, Delta, BC)

Here it is on my easel, close to being finished (alas, I cannot find a photo of the finished work).

The painting hung on the wall in my dining room for many years. One impulsive morning, when I was overflowing with inspiration and had no suitable substrate at hand, I took it down, removed it from the frame, and painted over it. Never regretted it or gave it another thought until this morning when I was surfing through blogs and discovered this post by Felicia Marshall.

Her lovely painting started stirrings of regret in my wee brain. I worked on my painting for months and it turned out not too badly, in fact, members of my household were more than a little annoyed with my impulsiveness and claimed it was a favourite. Okay, okay - lesson learned. In future I shall attempt to be less impulsive and more circumspect. In fact, perhaps I shall paint over the paint-over and go for a reinterpretation ...

Monday, September 12, 2011

Winged Woman as Vessel

There's nothing like a swiftly approaching deadline to push me back into the studio. I've had this work sitting, half-finished, on my easel for months. Finished it just now and will deliver it to North Delta's Firehall Gallery tomorrow; show opens Friday.