Wednesday, July 16, 2008


Is it just me, or do you feel this way too: whhen you can't do thingsn becausenof a circumstances beyond your control, you suddenly feel that you really really want to do all sorts of things youve been putting off for weeks or even months?

yesterday I tripped over uneven pavementn and went down like a ton of bricks. It really did seem to happen in slow motion, just lie in the movies... my knees hit the pavement, followed by my outstretched right hand, then my lips and chin. Justbeforemy mouth hit thepavement, I thought, oh no, i'm going to smashn my teeth... I lay on the ground clutching at my mouth, completelystunned. i was thankful to note my teeth were intact and the blood onmy handswasfrom my lips. my daughter and two passersby came to my aid - one of whom had a mini first aid kit and wasn able to give my a bandage for my bloody knee and an antiserptic wipe for my mouth. an x-ray told me my hand isn't brroken, so I suppose the swelling was probably caused by my finfers hyperextending when theyhelped to break my fall. i'm very sore today, wondering if the exray was read correctly, as my hand has swollen totwice it's size and I'm inable to hold anything. i look like i've been mugged and beaten, so i', hiding inside, unable todo the many tasks i need to do to prepare for this weekend's show... plus, i'm imagining all sorts of inlikely thingsi feel compelled to do that require the useof my useless right hand (i'm right handed and am typing right now with my left hand a d my right thumbnail - sorru for the typos)

i'm thinking thatn if my hand was working (IMHWW) i'd be baking a raspberry dessert with fresh berriesfrom my garden (as if! each morning forthelast 10 days i've been picking berries and depositing them directly into my mouth!); IMHWW i'd try the chicken alfredo recipe i read about yesterdayh before my fall (as if! i've been so busy prepping for the show thatmy charming and ever supportive husband has been preparing dinners every night!); IMHWW i'd finish painting the front of the house (it's waaaaaaay too hot to paint outside today, and i'm tiredof having to tryto paint into the deep recesses in the stucco - who the bloodyhell's idea was it to start painting the front of the house?! OK, i admit it was my idea and i had laughed devilishly when i'd slapped several brushstrokes from the sample jar on the deqad centre of the front of the house, figuring this was a surefire way to convince my hubby that this was the year to paint the house); IMHWW i'd clean outthe garage (hahahaha! highly unlikely as it's filledwith heavy hubby toys I couldn'tpossibly move anyway - an old boat, a dilapidated car, broken down motorcycle he plans to restore and take on a legendary roadtrip, old televixioms and ancient computers and their defunct components).

Ta-ta ... I'm off to soak my hand in epson salts before i re-ice it and think of other things i could be doing IMHWW.

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Graham H. said...

I hope you get well soon.
Judging from the pictures, I see you have not lost your sense of humour.
Uncle Graham