Monday, June 09, 2008


It's rather difficult this time of year to appreciate the rain bouncing with exuberant enthusiasm off the patio outside my studio window. It's no delicate pitter-pat, but rather a determined slap!-slap!-slap! I'm hearing through double-paned glass; in fact I do believe I can actually feel the vibration in the floor from this unrelenting pounding. I could bemoan the fact that my gardening efforts will continue to be delayed and that the perennial flower borders will continue to fill with buttercups that need uprooting, and with dandelions that will soon send their tiny umbrella-like seeds flying and floating a la Mary Poppins across the entire back lawn to repopulate the lovely green expanse with uninvited miniature sunbursts. However, instead I shall deem this as the perfect opportunity to cast away any further excuses and get working in my studio on the new series that has been percolating in the back of my wee brain.

Wish me focus and a little more rain!

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