Wednesday, February 01, 2006

Well, what do you know - it worked! I spent 3 hours going out of my mind yesterday unsuccessfully trying to post this image, and had to push my laptop under the bed so that I couldn't even see it as I was so frustrated. Then this morning, first try I was successful - ain't that life!

Winged Woman With Sturdy Shoes is acrylic on canvas (30" x 24"). Like most of my works, this one is loaded with symbolism and below is an interpretation for those of you who are curious about what this image means to me:

This winged woman represents the women of the Earth as guardian angels and nurturers of our planet. The future is represented by the tips of her hair which form seven robins: 7, representing the days of the week, and thereby encompassing every day; and robins, representing the harbingers of Spring - a new beginning - the future; she is solid, strong, well-centred; she wears sturdy shoes to help her stand her ground; she has wings to help herself and those she nurtures to fly; her arms and hands are linked together and are as one - she is able to hold onto all things important to her; her dress is adorned with a growing vine - representing healthy life, self-growth, spiritual growth; the fabric of her dress is woven into a complicated pattern of threads which represent the complex patterns of life that a well-centered woman is able to wear with ease.


Graham H. said...

Congratulations on the launch of your Blog.
I am glad to see you were able to post the image and sorry I did not get back to you last night.
Each morning I say my good mornings, add it to Candy's blog then check out Uncle Doug's blog.
I have added your blog to my "favorites" and will be checking it every morning and throughout the day.
Your Mom and I created test blogs and I have not followed up and do intend to.
Now we need one for your Daughter/my traveling Niece.
Good luck on the contest.
Love Uncle Graham

Wally said...

I think these Blogs are great!!! I am more informed about our families now than I ever have!!!!


Bobby said...

Congratulations it looks great, and hope you do just fine in the competition.
Talk to you soon...

Robin said...

Hey there. Pretty exciting. It's about time. You need to set up your ebay store next. Time to capitalize on your gifts and take care of your baby brother!

Robin said...

Pretty exciting. Time to set up an ebay store and go commercial. Greeting cards, Tee Shirts, bed sheets,....