Tuesday, January 31, 2006

Welcome to the first day of my blog

This is a giant step for me: I consider myself to be somewhat technologically challenged as I would rather spend my time in my studio than at my computer desk learning the latest technological wonders. However, I've started this blog in an attempt to keep up with the times and to allow family and friends to keep up with my art practice during those weeks/months between my Shameless Self-Promotion Announcements.

Today I delivered my entry "Winged Woman With Sturdy Shoes" in the Inspiration for the Cure art competition hosted by De Dutch. Their idea is to have artists submit 2-d works that depict a future without breast cancer - accepted works (being judged this week) will be exhibited at an upcoming Artists Reception and twelve of the works will be chosen to be made into a limited edition postcard series sold at De Dutch, with proceeds to go to the BC/Yukon Breast Cancer Foundation. Also, if my painting is one of the 12 chosen, I will get a free meal a month for a year at De Dutch - woo-hoo! Strawberry Waffles, here I come!

Now, if I can figure out the next step to this blog, I'll post a picture of Winged Woman With Sturdy Shoes. Wish me luck!



Contrarian said...

Why is Big Foot embracing Europe instead of North America? Is this because of your pending trip to France? I will be boycotting your show in support of all North Americans (just kidding!). Enjoy the waffles!

Barbara said...

Thank you for your interest in my work, Contrarian. "Big Foot" is embracing the entire planet, not just Europe and Africa. Being from North America myself, and given that the Inspiration for the Cure artwork is to benefit the Breast Cancer Foundation of BC/Yukon, the North/South American side of the Earth is pressed against Winged Woman's heart and womb, in the same way that a mother would embrace her child. Also, it is my understanding that Africa is the "cradle of civilization", and therefore this image reads to me that Winged Woman is also embracing all civilizations of the world.

I'm still awaiting word of waffles.