Tuesday, September 25, 2007

The Best Laid Plans of Mice and Barbara

Oh how I was looking forward to completing some work in the studio yesterday, right after hanging 8 paintings from the With Sturdy Shoes Series at the local library ... ha! Despite my attempts to be a well-organized artist/businesswoman, efficiency continues to elude me. As I packed the paintings into the car I realized I had forgotten the brief biography requested by the library - no problem, it's all on my computer together with the interpretative pages I'd prepared for previous shows: just a few clicks of the mouse and they'll be ready, thought I. Couldn't quite find them and as I was under time constraints to deliver and hang the works, I left in a flurry. Ahhhh ... the paintings looked very nice hanging on the walls of the lovely newish Semiahmoo Branch of the Surrey Public Library, but they definitely needed those interpretive pages. At 9:00 a.m. this morning I thought I'd be able to quickly locate the pages and my bio, print, deliver and hang them before noon... ha again! By noon I was still tearing my hair out wondering where the @#$% I had filed the pertinent information in the computer. By the time I found them (I swear I looked in the same place 44 times and they weren't there until the 45th), and reformatted the interpretive pages, updated my bio, and added a little visually semi-creative-but-somewhat-pathetic flourish to all the white papers I had amassed, it was dinnertime. Ah well, as Scarlet said to Rhett, Tomorrow is another day.

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