Friday, August 11, 2006

Preparing my altered book for the upcoming Memory & Narrative show with Leap Visual Artists Collective

Here I've made it to page 998 of 2500 of the book I'm altering for a show in October (my hand hurts!). There are 9 artists in the group: me, Roxsanne, Frances, Liz, Anne, Laurel, Jeannine, Marcia, and Andrea (our newest member - wooo-hooo Andrea!) Most of us have been exhibiting work together for several years. We usually embark upon one major project a year where we agree upon a theme and each create a few works for it or together create a gallery installation. It's an exciting group to work with as we're all game for a challenge - and challenge ourselves we do! - and we each bring something fresh to the collective with our varying backgrounds, interests, mediums, and art practices.

For Memory & Narrative, each artist is altering an existing book to make it her own and is also creating two to three other works. The show will run for the entire month of October at Place des Artes in Coquitlam.


andrea said...

Interesting glimpse of the process. This is a very useful post for me, Barbara, as I haven't even started my book. I do need an old school atlas to do it -- do you have one by any chance?

andrea said...
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