Thursday, August 24, 2006

Layer 2 completed

Today I finished the second layer of paint in nearly all areas and now I'm working on the third layer (white). I painted for 12 hours yesterday and today I'm feeling it in my arm and shoulder, but I'm on a roll and don't want to stop!

Here's a detail photo - the numbers in the "white" diamonds acknowledge the 28-day cycle that is one of the patterns that inform a woman's life.


Anonymous said...

Give me a B, give me a A, give me a R, give me a b; what do you have... Barb. (Would have done the full name but you get the idea?)

I think everyone needs a cheeleader. So that's my bit for you. Keep going. For a moment there I thought you were going to paint every single one of those stitches and attached do-dads. You're not are you?

Looking forward to seeing the progression.

Barbara said...

Dear Hildarose:

There is a limit to my inspired insanity ....

Thanks for the cheer.