Monday, March 13, 2006

A few days away from the studio...

I have been looking at and test driving cars these past 3 days - looking for something that can fit at least 20 medium-sized canvases on edge. It's frustrating to have to make several trips to a far away gallery for a show, when I could be using that time creating more work, eating chocolates, or visiting with friends. It's been a challenge to find something that fits my criteria: built in this century, fully loaded with leather interior, looks good (and me too, when I'm driving it), and won't break our pocketbook to the extent that we'll have to drink only the cheapest of wines when we're cruising the Midi canal this fall. I may have found just the vehicle, although me looking good in it may not quite meet my criteria - but that may not be the car's fault, but rather have something to do with aging, the way my clothes seem to be getting smaller, and the relentless forces of gravity.

I have two canvases nearing completion in the studio, and, if I get a move-on, I should have one ready for posting by the end of this week. Now that you know something about the symbolism I use, imagine what School Teacher With Sturdy Shoes may look like, and check back at the end of the week to see if you were close.

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Alexandria said...

I can't wait to see school teacher with sturdy shoes. Keep the creative works coming!