Thursday, August 09, 2012

Looking for inspiration

I've decided to try something new in the studio - inspired by the gorgeous vistas surrounding me at our summer place in Secret Cove, I want to attempt some landscape painting. So, a couple of days ago, I spent an afternoon in a kayak, snapping photos of arbutus trees and other lovely elements in the landscape. When I reviewed the pictures on my computer screen, it was the photo above, sans arbutus trees, that inspired me most. 

I played around in iPhoto until I came up with the image above and set up in the studio to create a study on a cheap canvas for my masterpiece. I created some beautiful textures and colours for the sky; lovely hues for the rocks and background trees; however, I stumbled trying to simplify shapes. Despite much squinting to try to blur detail, eight hours and two valiant attempts later this was the end result:

Nothing like a little black gesso to permanently erase failure. 

Today I try again.

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andrea said...

Ha! That looks too familiar. Keep at it. I find the hardest thing is the image-editing-in-the-brain process. Once I'm in the zone I forget to "leave stuff out".