Sunday, January 18, 2009

New work on the easel

I'm taking a break from my week working on the eagle and started work on a new piece I began in November. Here's a detail shot of a work inspired in part by the romantic pre-Rafaelite paintings. Quite a departure for me, but I'm injecting my own style and symbology into the work, as you can see.

I'm determined to improve on my organizational talents and submit to a few more juried exhibitions this year than I did last year. I have several sketches and ideas on the back burner and intend to finish this one in time for the Arts Council of Surrey's Arts 2009 deadline of May 15th for their show at the prestigious Surrey Art Gallery.

1 comment:

andrea said...

Oo -- this looks great. Looking forward to seeing what happens. This sort of slightly surreal subject matter really suits your style. As for Arts 2009 -- you and me both! I think I've remembered to submit twice in the last 6 years!