Friday, September 19, 2008

The Eagle Has Landed

Now that I’m running my fingers along the contours of the actual 3-d sculpture, fresh ideas have surfaced from the depths of my wee but creative brain and I’ve decided to all but abandon the preliminary 2-d sketches.

I’ll remain true to the original concept discussed with my eagle’s sponsor (thank you A&A Contract Customs Brokers!) - themes of nurturing and community. The finished piece will be an expression of the importance of social responsibility and cohesive community in relation to our multicultural youth.

I’m keenly aware of the unique set of challenges I face working with an unpainted sculpture designed and created by someone else; with a purpose to raise money for charity; will often be viewed from long distances and seen for only a few seconds from passing cars. It must engage the imagination of the viewer immediately. It should encourage the viewer to draw closer for a second and third look.

Perhaps I should eat Wheaties for breakfast before I begin painting ...

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