Tuesday, April 01, 2008

Sochi, Russia

The site of the upcoming 2014 Winter Olympics - they have a ways to go to prepare for the world visiting their City. 1200 tourists from our ship flooded the city in search of adventure, postcards, and 2014 T-shirts; sadly, none of the above were to be found. The museums and other sights were locked up tighter than a monkey's you-know-what, despite it being a Monday; long waits to get in while guides used their cellphones to contact officials and interpreters with keys. Quite a bit of grumbling amongst passengers who were looking forward to the port.

Here's the hot sulfur spring at Sochi's most famous resort - the Matsesta, where Stalin used to come for therapeutic treatments. The locals believe these sulfur waters are capable of near miraculous cures for many ailments.

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