Friday, March 16, 2007

With Sturdy Shoes: She Pays It Forward

This work is the last painting (to date) of my With Sturdy Shoes series. I finished it just last week in time to submit it and 2 other works as entries into the 6th annual artSpacific juried exhibition. I was very pleased to receive a letter from the show Chair today confirming that all three works have been accepted into this mid-April to early May exhibition, billed as "an impressive coming together of artists from many communities in the Lower Mainland and Vancouver Island."

The other two works are Three Women, After Picasso, and Child Holding a Dove, After Picasso (see previous posts).

Announcement: I have opened my Etsy store - please check it out by clicking on one of the images or on my name in the sidebar to the right.


andrea said...

Congratulations -- I'm sure you're talking about artsPACIFIC. You'll get an award for sure.

RonniHall said...

Hey congrats on the show. Love your paintings. Your women are so juicy and bountiful! They are Picasso-like, but you have your own style evolving that is much softer.

HARDWAX said...

I get the feeling this woman can carry the world next to her heart, and make us all feel better, and truly be more evolved human being for knowing her. Beautiful work!

The pieces in your blog are unique, and inspiring, and I'd be honored to be linked.
You asked what size the "wired piece is". All my work is digital [except for one i posted last Feb.], made with Jasc software, so what you see, is the pieces size. Thanks so much for your comments.

moonsandstars said...

thank you...beautiful painting and i love your jewelry!