Friday, December 15, 2006

Illustration Friday - HELP

Here's a painting I did earlier this year and it's my entry for Illustration Friday's Theme - "HELP". This work is entitled Community Advocate With Sturdy Shoes. The community advocate works to HELP those in the community who need assistance in caring for themselves and their families - those who may not be able to navigate their own way through the often complicated twists and turns of governmental bureaucracy. This advocate stands firmly centred in her sturdy shoes, embracing her clients; the rainbow of colours illustrates the diverse backgrounds, cultures, ethnic groups, philosophies, and mental and physical abilities of those in need; the advocate's hair is spiky like a porcupine = she's on the defensive for her clients in these days of government cutbacks to social programs; the fence is taller than the figure = she feels hemmed in by the daunting challenges she faces; on her apron above the housetops there is a little bit of blue sky = hope. The clients and the houses are in series of 7 = the days of the week and therefore everyday. Let's celebrate those who are proactive in helping those within our own communities and the global community who need a little HELP to get by.


Princess Pepper Cloud said...

This is very complex painting with a wonderful narrative. It has a very folk art feel to it. Thank you for sharing.

v a l e r i a said...

wonderfull illustration! full of colours and conceptual meaning!

steve said...

I love the thought and work put into this piece. Thanks so much fora sharing this.